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About us

We are a team from northern Germany, which consists of an engineer with a diploma in communications technology and a businesswoman with experience in sale. Because of the many different activities in different companies the accumulated knowledge of the IT and telecommunications sector is of great benefit to our still very young company.

Many years of experience in the IT field for enterprise networks with a focus on the passive connection technology with the corresponding measurement technology sets us apart. Both, production and development of these products have been or are accompanied by us.

Our combined industry experience, including consultation of planners / consultants, installers and end users, empowers us, based on the variety of products to separate the wheat from the chaff. Through these activities, we are inevitably confronted with many leading manufacturers in this industry.

This is where our knowledge of norms plays an essential role. The requirements for an application-independent structured cabling, the infrastructure of which is strongly influenced by cables and connectivity technology, serve the purpose to transfer the data, video and voice communications services ideally and thus infallibly.

We exactly know the differences in national and international standards and have extensive knowledge of these standards. The expertise on the subject is a prerequisite for success.

The common passion for music and hifi drives us to bring this knowledge from the large world of wiring for buildings into the area of home networks and to offer information.

We are now pleased to be able to offer a line of products, technology and transmission quality which is unparalleled. Of course we are striving to increase this performance even further. The exact relationships between the measured parameters, the materials used and ultimately their sound effects, has to be fathomed precisely.

It is also our ambition to offer education in the labyrinth of different terms in the passive IT-technology.

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