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Hello Mrs. Müller,
I am very satisfied with the Onxy fiber optic cable (in 7.5 m length). I use it to connect
the TV flat screen with the HiFi system. The short and light plugs fit absolutely tight.
With the previously used cable, the plugs looked "nice" but were not a snug fit, so
they had way too much play and were pulled down by the weight of the cable. As a
result, the signal transmission was certainly not optimal at this point.
Helpful was also your tip to pay attention to a sufficient wall distance of the TV flat
screen, so that the cable is not bent too much and the light signal is thereby
The signal transmission is flawless, so that with the help of the digital-to-analog
converter of the HiFi system, a perfect, synchronous sound reproduction is possible. -
Even mumbling speakers are now better understandable!
Sound-wise, the Onyx cable is convincing in all areas. I can only recommend it.
P. Plümpe, Bielefeld


Dear MeiCord!
Here is some feedback on the "Onyx" optical connection cable.
We liked the connection with the cable - contrary to our expectations - very well. It
draws fine with lots of details, yet nice fundamental warmth, great mids (e.g. vocals,
saxophone, guitar ..) and an excellent spatiality. Very natural and lively.
Other connections, some of which were considerably more expensive, were left
After the good MeiCord connections again a highlight for us. Thank you very much !!!
Audiophile greetings from
Hamburg, P. Walter and Damm


Good day Mr. Müller,
I have now mounted and tested the new cable. At first I had the impression that there
was hardly any difference, but after listening for a while I have to say that the sound
is now smoother, more contoured (esp. the bass) and more finely resolved. TV sound
is of course only compressed, possibly the difference would be even more
pronounced at 24 bit.
Anonym, Schwarzwald


the new MeiCord "Onyx" works wonderfully. Congratulations on the new cable and
thank you very much.
D. Denis, Lorient, France

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