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For manufacturing reasons, we have decided to discontinue the sale of our MeiCord LAN cable  opal  set. We regret this decision. See below for more background information.

We are working at full speed on the development of an innovative, even better LAN cable MeiCord  opal II .


Why is the MeiCord opal no longer produced?


The last cable deliveries received did not meet the required limit values of the patch cord standard (TIA and ISO).  Many ready-made patch cords failed the measurements and were therefore scrapped/depreciated. A positive economy is no longer representable. The technical problems (reflection loss/RL) could not be solved. That's why we finally separated from our long-term supplier.


Are there any remaining stocks of opal?



When will the new opal II be on the market?

We are striving for a completely new development of cables and connectors. This will take time. First tests are very positive.


How do I find out when the opal II will be on the market?


All already registered customers will be informed by us. If you are interested, please leave us your contact details.



Opal II (currently in development)

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